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Our in-house social media strategist team can put together a long-term strategy to help you reach your online potential. After answering a few simple questions, we can put together an in-depth analysis of your competitors, the key aspects of each social platform for your business as well as both primary and secondary objectives and the KPI's to achieve your goals. Whether we incorporate your strategy into one of our social media packages, or hand it over for you to implement in-house yourself, this document will be pivotal in ensuring consistent success in social media marketing.



Each of our services and social media packages come complete with your very own dedicated account manager. Responsible for the daily running of your account, working across your social media platforms to ensure maximum exposure and engagement, whilst adhering to brand guidelines and strategy objectives. With regular updates from your account manager, you can be sure that success will go from strength to strength. Your Account Manager will carry out whichever services you’re using with us to ensure your brand reaches its maximum potential. The options to be included within your package are explained in the following pages...


We understand that some schedules are busier than others! And in this day and age, it’s hard to keep up! This is why we offer each of our clients an editable content calendar to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Your account manager will update the content calendar in advance with plenty of exciting content ideas. This is where you can view, edit, change entries or even add your own ideas to be included on any given date you wish. Whether it’s a new product launch, store opening, sale or exclusive behind the scenes sneak peek, we can stay one step ahead with weekly planning. The extent and thoroughness of your content calendar will depend upon the level of your package.



Facebook is still the fastest growing and most used social platform in the world. We can offer various levels of Facebook management dependent on your requirements, from daily content creation to fan moderation and interaction. We will be sure to post an innovative range of content to create a lifestyle around your brand, from promoting products to featuring relateable images, videos or even quotes and celebrities to grab users’ attention. All content is created, of course, bearing in mind your branding, tone of voice and overall objectives.


We manage Twitter in a very similar way to that of Facebook. We interact with your followers whilst creating daily content in-line with your social media strategy and brand guidelines. Seeing as Twitter moves so fast, we stay on track with what’s #trending each day, whilst researching and using the most searched and relevant hashtags to gain maximum exposure and achieve great brand awareness. Alongside daily management, we’re also able to put together a follow/re-follow scheme on behalf of your brand if required, as well as actively reaching out to targeted individuals or industry-related accounts/content to create a dynamic and varied feed.



Instagram is fast becoming one of the favourite social platforms for brands to advertise on. Due to the importance of relatable and interesting imagery, your account manager can ensure all posts are to a high standard whilst using the appropriate captions and hashtags to evoke the best response. The level of service for Instagram management will again be dependent on your requirements and can range from content to full outreach and interaction-monitoring.


Our team of self-proclaimed Pinterest addicts (account managers) can provide platform management on a regular basis for your brand. Whether it be creating new boards, uploading original content or searching for potential customers, we can keep your profile fresh and active turning over a flow of new followers on a daily/weekly basis. In addition, we’re also able to include management across Google+, YouTube and even LinkedIn if needs be, depending on your requirements.



Reaching out to potential customers, interacting with existing followers, and refining your audience to a targeted demographic are all extremely important conversational elements to implement when growing your brand on social media. Our team ensure that we outreach to a high level to maximise your social following whilst pushing traffic to your site to encourage sales. By searching for relevant hashtags, groups and users, we’re able to engage with individuals on a personal level whether it be via a like, comment, follow, retweet etc. across any social media platform necessary.


Competition apps are pivotal to most successful social media campaigns across all platforms. Our in-house apps development team are here to recommend the very best style of competition for your brand bearing in mind your overall objectives. Complete with a custom-design and unique landing page, your account manager will liaise with the team in order to promote the competition for its duration. All entrants will be encouraged to follow you on each required platform and share the competition in order to enter. When paired with the ability to capture information such as email address, date of birth, location etc, the apps will become vital in increasing results of future marketing campaigns, whilst continuously gathering data and building your mailing list.



We’re incredibly proud at Social Network Solutions to have built a loyal following exceeding 4.5 Million users via various community pages across all social media platforms. We use this network to promote our clients’ content at a viral level, where users see your brand and get involved all the way back to your website. By liking, sharing or even re-posting your brand’s content daily throughout our worldwide network, we can ensure your reach and engagement will dramatically increase almost instantly. And what’s more? It’s all organic!


It’s good to know what we’ve been up to, it’s also good to track all the progress that’s been made across your brand’s social media accounts! Each month, your account manager will send across an easy-to-read report for you to take a look at. It’ll include a breakdown of growth, statistics, engagement and demographics as well as a snapshot of the month’s highlights and records of any networking, outreach or competition results wherever applicable (dependent on your package). To make sure we keep our eyes on the prize, your end-of-month report will include innovative ideas to continue and improve on last month’s success.



Not only will your social media content fall in-line with your brand guidelines, themes and tone of voice, we also ensure that our clients receive full access to our in-house design team. Whether you’re after social media skins, website banners or printed adverts, we can provide any custom-design elements you need. All design work is dependent on your package and can be provided on an ad-hoc, p.o.a. basis if needed.


With Facebook restricting organic reach to now under 6% of your existing audience, it has become even more important to carry out paid advertising campaigns to pin-point a specific audience. From driving website traffic, to building a sturdy fan base, paid advertising is extremely effective when targeting competitors’ followers and potential customers. On-going results are continuously refined to get the best value for money and achieve the highest return. Paid advertising campaigns can be incorporated into your package on an ad-hoc basis if needs be and management fees will depend on your requirements and overall budget.



Creating a lifestyle around your brand nowadays is the best way to secure a loyal following that will regularly depend on you for interesting content with great products to match. Creating a blog via your website is a great way to achieve an extra dimension to your business whilst organically increasing SEO by using industry-relevant keywords specific to your brand. Our blog contributors enjoy writing on a variety of subjects, and are able to provide exciting content for your blog whenever required. The cost of this service is dependent on your required word count, research and image specifications and can be utilised within your monthly package or on an ad-hoc basis if preferred.











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