Whether you are looking for assistance creating your first website, looking to have an overhaul of your current site or even thinking about re-branding everything, our specialist web and creatives team are perfectly positioned to help you achieve your goals.



We operate within our 6 core phases of website design and development, which allow you the opportunity to have as much or as little involvement as you require whilst we all work towards pre-determined goals and objectives. These 6 phases are broken down for you below.



The first step to creating a successful website is to gather information and formulate a strategy. Our team will spend time with you to find out your goals as well as other specific information such as the purpose of the site, target audience and type of content that will feature on the website.



Once all the relevant information has been gathered in phase one, it is then time for a full plan to be put together for your website. It is at this point where a site map is developed, full wire framing is completed and decisions on the technologies that will be implemented are made. This information is then added into a live calendar that is shared with you moving forward.


From the information that has been gathered up to this point, it’s now time to determine the look and feel of your website. Your target audience is one of the key factors taken into consideration throughout this stage, as well as other elements such as your company logo or colours to strengthen the identity of your company throughout the website.



Once you are happy with the design elements of your website, its then time for development to begin, bringing your website to life and making it fully functional. All of the way through the development stage you will be provided with a live link that will you to track progress and suggest amends if required.


One of the most important stages of the whole process follows the development and this is where the team will test your whole website, ensuring all of the functionality is as it should be as well as ensuring that your website is optimised to be viewed in every different web browser and that all of your HTML and CSS code validates.



Keeping your website content regularly updated and hosted with a reputable provider like ourselves is vital to ensuring that your target audience receive the experience they expect. We offer fully managed support packages for all of our website or alternatively can offer one-off training programmes to provide the skills necessary to implement changes in-house.




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