Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing where a brand or business utilises key individuals to promote their products or services to a ready-made audience. These individuals could be bloggers, vloggers or even social media influencers and celebrities who have a large and loyal following across various platforms. They will keep their fans and followers up-to-date, as they look to them for advice, offers and lifestyle tips etc.

There are various types of influencer marketing - including gift reviews, affiliating, event promotion or even ambassadorship on behalf of your brand. These all come with various costs to the brand, dependent on your requirements and the stature of your preferred influencer.



Who wouldn’t want their products and services showcased directly in front of thousands, potentially millions of prospective customers?

If executed correctly, influencer marketing can really help to push your brand to the next level. The great thing about working with influencers is that everybody can get involved! No matter how big or small your brand, your budget or your following, the publicity achieved is essential in building a reliable reputation. Our team can help you to collaborate with the biggest influencers from around the world, right down to the up and coming starlets in the making!



Gifting - the most popular of our influencer marketing services. With a database of over 25,000 bloggers, we’re able to source the perfect influencers for your brand based on your requirements, before setting up exciting collaborations to kick things off! You will receive an account manager who will manage everything, all the way through from the initial contact to the feature going live, whilst ensuring it falls within your brand guidelines, links back to your website and social media platforms to get maximum results. All you’ll need to do is provide the blogger with a product - pre-agreed - and we’ll look after everything else!



Using bloggers or social media influencers for a liate marketing can be rewarding and fruitful for everyone involved... Our team are able to set up a selection of influencers to suit your brand in light of on-going promotion to direct their followers to purchase from your site. In exchange for the advertising, they’ll earn a percentage commission for any direct sales they generate, monitored via an a liate link or unique promotional code. This is a great way to use bloggers, it’s a no-risk approach, where you won’t have to actually pay your in uencer anything until they’ve achieved sales! Win-win!


Inviting an influencer to promote or attend your brand event is an exciting way to get noticed. It’ll attract attention, incentivise attendance and boost ticket sales and footfall. With a ready-made audience suited to your business, they’re able to encourage people to come along, or even offer an exclusive opportunity to meet them at the event whilst paying for VIP status of course! Not to mention great live coverage of the event via social media. It all depends on the nature of your brand to tailor this service to your requirements wherever needed, but our in-house team will be on hand to work alongside you, making the most out of any collaborations.



Great for start-ups, or even established brands looking for a new lease of life, ambassadors will bring an array of benefits to take advantage of. Whether your influencer becomes the ‘face’ of the business, or they promote the brand on-going in return for the latest products, an increase in website traffic and generated sales will naturally occur if carried out correctly. Our team will help to find you somebody who fits within your budget, matches your brand’s look and personality as well as having a proven track record of working within a similar capacity.


The latest, and most effective way to target potential customers via social media is to broadcast live video footage via Facebook. We can offer a comprehensive service, working with influencers that will guarantee your brand exposure to millions of followers. For a set fee, we can arrange for influencers to review your products live on Facebook, which will include a live broadcast via your social media profile, as well as influencer exposure beforehand, during and after the event to maximise the amount of potential customers you will reach. We also offer the option to broadcast via one of our community pages instead, meaning your brand will not only receive the exposure of the influencer's, but also to the millions of followers we have across our community pages!




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