Collecting information about your potential customers is vital for any brand or business, and our competition apps help you to do this more than you might imagine. With the ability to capture data from every single entrant, including name, email address, age, location, gender, or any other information you require, all entry fields are completely customisable to your needs. This can then be used for any of your future marketing campaigns, or for field research as well as growing your mailing list and potential customer database by 1,000s each month!



Our competition apps also guarantee to grow your social media following. They have the functionality to request all entrants to either like/follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Soundcloud or if you fancy - all of them! Also, if you’ve just released a new app, why not get all of your existing and potential customers to download it directly from the app store as a mandatory entry option - not bad eh?


Do you want to increase the traffic to your website? Of course you do! From our range of competition apps, we can ensure all of your entrants visit your website before entering the giveaway. There’s even the option to ask all entrants to copy and paste the link to their favourite item into the app to enter - meaning they’ll have to have a good browse around your site to get involved, generating fantastic exposure to all of your products!



Competitions don’t only capture data, they also grow your reach and exposure on all social media platforms by encouraging entrants to like, retweet, or even share with their friends and followers. We also offer competition apps that require user-generated content, meaning entrants will have to submit selfies, blog posts, reviews etc. in order to enter the giveaway. Users can ask friends and family to vote on their entry to be in with a chance of winning, encouraging a ’spread the word’ type viral-effect creating maximum visits to the app. What’s more is that you can use the content captured from your followers across social media to achieve a great interactive feed for people to engage with for the duration, and even after the competition has ended.




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